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About my work

As a celebration and portrait photographer, the stories told here are not just my own. When one of my favorite people on the planet called and told me that her phone crash landed and she had lost every photo of her son during the first 3 precious months of his life, and that the only images she had left were those that I had taken, I realized how important prints and albums were in our otherwise digital world. While everything else lives electronically, I want everyone to experience the joys of holding a print or looking through an album, a tangible piece of a time and place, lovely to revisit. 

When I'm not photographing people, I love to photograph flowers. They add beauty to the world as they are, from bud to full blossom, simply by existing. Flowers will always be my second favorite thing to photograph at a wedding, and the reason the golden era of Dutch paintings, with their exceptional vanitas and perfect still lifes, are my favorites. While I didn't want this to read too much like a dating profile, I will say that I always stop to smell roses. I'd be delighted to get to know more about you over a cup of coffee, and talk about things like love and photography.

I whole heartedly recommend Jai for two main reasons: First, she knows how to handle a camera-shy bride, boisterous wedding party, and challenging venue in a way that feels completely natural and lets the importance of the event take precedence. And, second, the results are fantastic!
— melissa & matt