Debbie & Jeremy's October wedding

Debbie and Jeremy love the Trail Blazers, Cathedral Park, Portland rain and shine, craft beer, pie, and chuck taylors. And quite obviously each other. They were married at the Village Ballroom, October 18th on a perfect crisp autumn day.

Their wedding celebrated a commitment that strengthened over Debbie’s cross country move to Buffalo, NY from Portland. Apart for a year! Long distance romance takes dedication from a couple, and much encouragement from your nearest (furthest?) and dearest to work, but it seemed clear to everyone when Jeremy and Debbie started dating that they’d both found the “one.” The tremendous outpouring of support from both Debbie and Jeremy’s family and friends signified that they were perfect for each other and also this very important measure: that the love you get is equal to the love you give.

Debbie’s parents commented on the high caliber of the folks Debbie and Jeremy call friends. If the bridal party was any indication, I wouldn’t hesitate to agree. Clever, hilarious, kind hearted and sincere are a few words to describe this group. They also, I say with some authority, like themselves some pie and beer, which are bonus points in my book.

It seemed like I’d waited forever to photograph Debbie and Jeremy’s wedding-although it had really only been two summers since we went out and photographed their engagement. I’m not the most patient person in the world but now, looking back, I think I’d like to have waited just a drop longer.

Because now they’re married-and that means it’s not gonna happen again!

Smiles are the barometers of happiness at celebrations. I’m betting everyone’s cheeks hurt for days after–including mine!

Jai Soots