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Bar & Bat Mitzvah Photography

Rehearsal Photography

Family gathers during the rehearsal in the hours or days before your daughter or son becomes bar mitzvah. Creating family portraits indoors and out, (weather permitting! It's Portland after all) and photographing candid moments as they unfold, leaves a story that becomes legacy as your child grows. 


Elegant Portraiture

While a collection of candid moments take you back to the moment they were made, a portrait conducted thoughtfully is the essensense of the sitter at a certain age, to be treasured as time moves forward.


Celebration time!

Whether it's an afternoon luncheon or an evening get together, these parties celebrate your bar or bat mitzvah. Hora time! 

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Celebrating this important coming of age of your child involves photography that creates classic portraits of family gathered for the occasion, and of the bar or bat mitzvah with family and during rehearsal, respectfully communicating this rite of passage. I love to photograph the sincerity and focus during this time, to capture the culmination of dedication and hard work of your daughter or son. And I love to photograph the joy of family and friends at the party!   


I'd love to know more about your upcoming bar or bat mitzvah!

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What date are you celebrating your Bar or Bat mitzvah?
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