Jonah's Bar Mitzvah at the Nines

Q.How much fun can you have at Jonah Zigman’s Bar Mitzvah?
A.The sky’s the limit!

Jonah’s international travel themed party at the Nines had an all access VIP pass to fun. International food buffets, Voodoo donuts, an airplane shaped candy “bar” and a colorful (crazy straw required!) non-adult beverage lounge were on the in flight menu. The featured movie was a slide show retrospective of the awesome things Jonah does: snow sports, water sports… hey-wait-did I see him skydive and race dolphins too? I’m not sure-but I did find out that a lot of the film’s footage was shot by Jonah himself. What photographer wouldn’t love that?
Games were definitely on the ticket. Throughout the night guests enjoyed ping pong, foosball, a game called “musical boys” and “freeze” led by DJs who should consider bottling their energy and selling it to me.

Oh and the dancing!

Jonah, I wish you the best this world has to offer as you sail, fly, swim, run, dance, and (in a few years) drive into the next segment of your journey of a lifetime. Take lots of pictures!

Venue: the Nines Hotel
Event Coordinator: Amanda Wolfe
Entertainment: Premier Entertainment
Video: KleinFilms
Candy: Poka Dots

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Jai Soots